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Since I’m on some 90′s hip hop ‘ish, I can not forget Philly native Tracey Lee. In 1997 Tracey released his debut (and classic) hip hop album Many Faces. His album had a few noteworthy hits such as his collaboration with The Notorious BIG (Keep Your Hands High) and The Theme (It’s Party Time)!
The Theme is a true hip hop tune with a hot beat and lyrics staying true to the song’s title! As a youngin’ growing up in Philly, this song was on heavy rotation on the radio, and it put me in a positive mood! Hearing the song years later, I still get the same feeling!
Check out the video for The Theme (It’s Party Time) and read about Tracey Lee’s current status!

What is Tracey Lee up to now?

Tracey Lee has many titles, lawyer, rapper and business owner! Using his dealings with the legal side of the entertainment industry as guidance, Tracey to attend law school and obtained his J.D (Juris Doctor) in Entertainment Law. Tracey provides his knowledge and skills to fellow artists who seek guidance regarding contracts, royalties and more elements of the entertainment business. Tracey and his wife Lori created Lleft Entertainment, a multipurpose company that specializes in video production, music and book publishing.
With Tracey’s many ventures, he still has room for music! Tracey recently released a music video titled “Pro Bono” from his upcoming album rightfully titled “Esq”. Pro Bono is an ode to 80′s hip hop sampling the hip hop classic “Set It Off” by Big Daddy Kane, and the video also features producer Young Guru on the “one’s and two’s”!

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